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We offer our customers an extensive range of services relating to their systems from various manufacturers: from planning services to servicing, maintenance, repairs and modifications to the sale of spare parts.

We offer you a comprehensive service package that you can tailor to your needs:

Plant optimization
Removals modernization
Piping work
New assemblies
Creation of new
system controls
Service maintenance contracts

In the area of ​​general plastics processing, our modern processing units enable us to manufacture high-precision series and sample parts. We also process a whole range of thermoplastics (PP, PPS, PE, PVDF, PVC …)

Quality and perfection are particularly important to us. We are therefore constantly checked for specialist knowledge and quality by independent testing facilities (SKZ, TÜV, DEKRA). We can offer you the highest level of security through proof of specialist company status in accordance with Section 19 1 WHG.

Machine Relocation

Due to the increasing relocation of production facilities, we support our customers in the following areas:


Packing the machines for air / sea freight
Creation of all necessary documents
Assembly of all machines on site
Project support by a project manager


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Spare Part Package

We supply our customers with the right spare parts package for every system:

Rollers / rollers

Nozzle holders
and much more…..


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Pump Service

TSK offers you as a customer a one-time pump service and renovates your pump accordingly.

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TSK offers you modifications of all kinds to your systems. Of course, system extensions, e.g. module extensions, are also possible.


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Maintenance Contracts

We would be happy to offer you individual maintenance contracts for all of your horizontal wet systems.

General plastic construction

We offer you everything in the field of plastic construction, e.g. pump-off tanks, floor trays, protective elements and much more.

Control Modernization

TSK naturally also offers you control modernizations for your horizontal chemical wet systems. If your hardware and software are getting on in years, we will be happy to help you and make you an individual offer.

Data Management

Of course, TSK offers you a data management package as a further feature for your new horizontal wet chemical plant, with which you can evaluate your plants and order parameters in the form of reports.

General Barcode reader and data management  
HMI: human interface -> visualization for system operation
  Barcode Reader:  
1)  Function enabled in automatic mode

2)  Scanning in barcode or input via keyboard with the input mask open on the HMI

3)  Format barcode must be defined (number of characters which meaning)

4)  The barcode contains the order number and material information, which can be used to identify the recipe to be loaded on the HMI

5)  Reference table on HMI – material info -> required recipe

6)  Current job is ended

a.    Manually – via button on HMI “order end”

b.  Automatic – enter new order number (scan or keyboard)

7)  There can be several orders in the system if the material information is the same.

8)  If the material information is different, the loader is blocked until the system has run empty and the required recipe has been loaded

9)  The position of the job (start, end, job number) is displayed graphically on the HMI.

  Data Management:  
Components of the system-specific database:

1)  Plant status

2)  order number

3)  Material info

4)  Job start

5)  End of order

6)  Plate counter

7)  Area counter

8)  Alarm and warnings with status (coming, acknowledged, gone)

9)  Parameter changes (old value, new value)

10)  Dosing quantities automatically

11)  Dosing quantities manually

Possibility for the operator to create individual reports after selection:

1)  Over time

2)  Via order number

3)  Via material number

4)  productivity

5)  Chemical report (dosing quantities)

Components of the system-specific database can be assigned as a selection to each of these individual reports.

Printout and storage of reports on PC



For all systems offered in the following areas, we deliver the right accessories for you:


Dosing, measurement and control technology

Containers and tanks

Collecting trays

WHG probes

Spare parts package and much more…..

Remote Support

TSK also offers you a one-time service via remote maintenance. In the form of “remote support” via a sendable VPN router for controls with Ethernet! Other interfaces on request!


Contact Us!

You have any questions or suggestions ? Then feel free to contact us at any time. Our team will take care of your request immediately.

Tel. +49 (0) 7032-95494-0
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