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TSK donates to DKMS

TSK Schill GmbH keeps your promise. Under the motto “Donations instead of gifts”, TSK had come up with something very special at its stand at this year’s Productronica. In addition to the “HMS Höllmüller by TSK” systems, visitors were greeted with a EUR 15 donation coin, which was given to the customer with each drink. This coin could then be thrown directly into the DKMS donation heart. At the end of the fair, an amount of 1785.00 EUR was collected. This was increased by TSK Schill GmbH to EUR 2000.00.


“We wanted to give our customers and visitors something meaningful,” says Jessica Aicheler, CFO TSK Schill GmbH. In this way, every visitor has contributed to the heart of the donation and, as we know, every donation that can be used to finance typing Saving lives. The response to this campaign was consistently positive. It is nice to be able to make a small contribution to the fight against blood cancer. ”


The handover of the check took place in the newly occupied offices of TSK Schill GmbH in Gäufelden-Nebringen. The check was accepted by Ms. Claudia Kronmüller, who was a donor at DKMS 2 years ago.

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