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HMS Höllmüller rights

1. HMS Höllmüller rights

HMS Höllmüller by TSK


Gütenbach July 5th, 2018

RENA Technologies GmbH, a leading global supplier of production machines for wet chemical surface treatment, forms a strategic partnership with TSK Schill GmbH, an innovative company in the field of mechanical engineering.


The aim of this agreement is to revitalize the proven, high-quality circuit board systems from HMS Höllmüller Anlagenbau, which RENA took over in 2017, through the cooperation with TSK Schill GmbH. “We are pleased to have found an experienced partner in TSK who will continue the tradition of HMS Höllmüller Maschinenbau and further develop the system platform,” said Mr. Schneidewind, CEO of RENA Technologies GmbH.


TSK Schill GmbH offers customers a complete package, which includes all processes from customer-specific system planning to preparation of offers, mechanical engineering, assembly and spare parts through to service with corresponding service contracts. TSK thus offers everything from a single source over the entire lifecycle of the systems. The business relationships have already been established and the contact person for HMS Höllmüller circuit board systems is TSK Schill GmbH, based in Gäufelden-Nebringen.

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